Select the background color: Select the font size: Chen Xiang didn’t see Sun Lingxing here through Tianshu. He felt that this occasion should be more important, but Sun Lingxing didn’t come here. He only heard the old man in purple suddenly say loudly: “Recently, many foreigners want to enter the World-Proud Tomb, and we will never let them succeed! We just caught a foreigner who sneaked into our place!” “That’s why before It will make a lot of noise, I know everyone has been very confused about this, and there are many suspicions! Now everyone live betting don’t panic, that foreigner has been caught by us, and today we will publicly execute him. (Baidu search is powerful Literary Network bet game update is the fastest and most stable) Pragmatic play” Slot Games Shen Xiang thought in his heart, he felt that the foreigner mentioned by the old man in purple was not talking about Mozzartbet him, but Tang Zhongjie! Tang Zhongjie was arrested because he came here to save him. At that time, he must have fought and made a lot of noise, but the old man in purple didn’t tell everyone about it immediately, probably to catch him without telling the truth. Evolution game news. They caught Chen Xiang on this matter, they must not let Sun Lingxing know, because Sun Lingxing is not bad to Chen Xiang, if Sun Lingxing knows, he will definitely come to rescue Chen Xiang. “This group of idiots, let me see what they can do later.” Chen Xiang had already released chelsa Tang Zhongjie, but the old man in purple thought that the place where they detained Tang Zhongjie was perfect. Soon, the old man in purple found out about it. Someone should have sent him a voice transmission, so he was very surprised when he found out! Not long after, Chen Xiang sensed that someone was approaching.

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