Facing everyone’s curious eyes, Marvin coughed. “Secret.” Madeline’s eyes were wide open, she wished she could whip out the whip and whip the slack man in front of her all over the floor begging for mercy from chelsa! However, when such thoughts appeared in her mind, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her heart. Ma Wen smiled and said with a narrow smile: “As long as you don’t take the initiative to violate the rules of the legal contract, this contract will not harm you at all.” “Isn’t it?” Madeline’s face was livid. She turned around sharply, her eyes swept over everyone in the River Beach City army. Everyone in baccarat was silent. Collins in the white robe also gave a wry smile and spread his hands. Starry sky sword master Evolution game sat there, except for Marvin, no one could cross his hurdle at all! “One day, I will become a legend!” Madeline took a deep breath, staring at the Star Sword Master: “Then clean this place thoroughly!” The man said gently: “Okay.” Madeline Li la liga felt that Slot Games was going crazy. She was furious. Back in River Beach, there were very few men she couldn’t handle! With her intelligence and extraordinary charm, I don’t know how many men are convinced under her skirt. However, in the process of attacking the Scarlet Monastery, she encountered two men who would not give up. One is really unable to fight, the strength is too perverted; Thinking of this, Madeline gritted her teeth in anger. Everyone looked at her. Wait for next instructions. Marvin leisurely returned to Yisabel’s side. “Retreat! Pragmatic play” Madeline held back for a long time, and finally gave the order unwillingly at the direction where the secret passage disappeared. River Beach Army

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