Topic recommendation: ,,,,,,, the high priest has the ability to increase the strength of the dragon demon, Chen Xiang now finally understands why there are so many powerful dragon demons working for the high priest. It is not easy for dragon demons to become stronger, especially those relatively inferior dragon demons, who rely on a lot of external forces to improve, but the high priest has a way to help them improve, so that they are all loyal to the high priest. “Nairabet, the high priest of Slot Games, must be eliminated. Sooner or later, this guy will lead many such dragon demons to turn the world upside down.” Chen Xiang could predict it. Chen Xiang is thinking about how to kill these dragon demons, this requires a comprehensive attack plan. He looked at the group of dragon demons, and sneered in his heart: “The high priest really made a good plan. He used the powerful descendants of dragon demon giants as sacrifices, but he didn’t take these ordinary dragon demons. Weaken the overall strength of the dragon demon giant to improve yourself.” The high priest chelsa is definitely not an easy-going lamp, and now Chen Xiang has learned it again. Soon, Chen Xiang thought of a way, he released more than a dozen squirrels, turned the squirrels into humans, then rushed out of the Online Casino, and ran wildly in all directions. Those dragon monsters were flying in the air, and suddenly saw so many people popping up, and they all looked quite strong, they were immediately surprised. “Hurry up!” a dragon demon shouted: “Chasing separately, we must catch them all!” Chen Xiang didn’t expect to win the Evolution game so soon, and these dragon demons really split up to chase the rat man. The mouse man’s speed is very fast, although it is only the strength of the late stage of the Taizun Realm, but Chen Xiang is not worried at all, he knows this

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