Current location: (Author: Silent Little Thief) “” Previous chapter: Next chapter: Popular recommendation: Chen Xiang couldn’t believe it when he heard that Flying Dragon Ball could become a human. If Paripesa really became a human, then his strength is certain very strong. (Net) “Have you ever seen sports betting?” Chen Xiang asked, “Is it very powerful?” “I heard it is very powerful, but I have never seen it!” Said the master of the Flying Dragon Palace. Although Chen Xiang was uncomfortably hot in this sea of ​​flames, he was able to persevere, this kind of heat was a piece of cake for him. Betting, he walked in the sea of ​​fire for several days, but he couldn’t find the Dragon Ball. To him, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. This mountain range is huge, and he didn’t know when he would find it. He flew into the air and searched with his mind eye. He wanted to see if he could see something with his mind eye. After he became invisible, he flew in the sky and searched for two days, when he suddenly saw a black dot moving with his mind eye. “I found it, what is it?” Chen Xiang looked at the fast-moving dot below, but couldn’t determine what it was: “Could it be that Parimatch is a flying dragon ball? What color are flying dragon balls usually?” “Black! “Flying Dragon Palace Master said: “Flying Dragon Ball can fly by itself, and the flying speed is still very fast.” Among them, the power of space cannot be used in casino slots, or in the premier league, otherwise he would have already gone directly to the second flying dragon platform. He swooped into the sea of ​​flames, and suddenly saw a BGaming figure. He was horrified at the moment, and quickly said to the master of Feilong: “I saw Feilongzhu people, Feilongzhu can indeed become a human… and it’s very

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