In the text, the one in the middle stage of Taizun Realm was killed and eaten by a rat the size of a palm, Chen Xiang couldn’t believe it was real now! “Uncle Lin, you are too adventurous! There are such powerful mice here, how dare you sleep here!” When Chen Xiang came in just now, he saw Lin Jitian sleeping soundly. . The update is so fast. Lin Jitian scratched his head and said with a smile: “I’m a little sleepy… But don’t worry, there are no such mice in this area. I’ve been investigating sports betting here for a while.” Lin Jitian took out a bead , said: “As long as there is that kind of mouse approaching, this bead will light up! There will also be a lot of movement, and what’s more, that kind of mouse can only move in one area, once it leaves that area, it will Die immediately. Endorphina” “Uncle Lin, have you seen that kind of mouse?” Shen Nairabet Xiang also wanted to go and see, he felt that he should not be eaten by mice so easily. “Of course I’ve seen Bet9ja. Didn’t I say it before? I’ve been investigating here for a while, so I’m sure there is a barrier here. Those champions league mice are sealed in the barrier and cannot escape. I am here In that barrier, I was almost killed several times, those little things are really scary.” Lin Jitian said: “Live betting Chen Xiang, you are here now, do you want to go to the barrier with me to see?”” Of course you can!” Chen Xiang was also very curious about the enchantment, and quickly said: “Leave it to me in terms of defense.” Bat Taizun told Lin Jitian before that Chen Xiang has a very powerful defense in the dragon demon death zone And the ability to escape, so Chen Xiang’s sudden arrival was a good thing for Lin Jitian. Shen Xiang and Lin Ji

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