Previous chapter: Next chapter: Popular “This is the most dangerous place among the thousands of floors of Feilong Tower. If you come in without any strength, most of Betking will die! If you can pass through, and you can reach the sky with real madridPragmatic play After our investigation, you can become a disciple of Tianlian Shenzong.. Visit: щщщщ. ” said the elder. Not long after, Chen Xiang saw a large green land in front of him, and there was a beautiful lake in the green land, the lake was surrounded by lush greenery, and there were some ‘flowers’ floating in the lake. There are many wooden buildings built on the oasis, none of which are very tall, very simple, and it looks very spinmatic and peaceful. “This is really a good place!” Chen Xiang couldn’t help but exclaimed. “Our Tianlian Divine Sect is the most low-key among the four major divine sects, while the other three great chelsa Evolution Game Sects are very luxurious. You can go and have a look in the future if you have a chance.” The elder said: “You are Yuan Shidao’ Sect’s, with your ability, it is not difficult to become a disciple of the Six Paths Divine Sect, even my Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect wants to accept you as a disciple.” Nairabet Chen Xiang went to the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect together with the Great Elder, so it was very safe. Didn’t come across anything either. The Great Elder’s Frisbee flew over the oasis and landed on the small island in the middle of the big lake in the oasis. There is only one house on this small island. “This is my residence!” said the Great Elder, “You are my guest now, and you will live here at Slot Games in the future. Go in and choose a room that you are more satisfied with!” “I can do whatever I want, it’s so quiet here anyway ” Chen Xiang was very satisfied. “Great Elder, the’medicine’ materials here need to be purchased. I don’t have so many Dao Crystals, so I can earn money here.”

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