In the future, I will be able to keep the reading record forever. Novel: Full Version: Liang Youxing already knew Chen Xiang’s strategy against him, and it shouldn’t have been used by Bet9ja, but Liang Youxing was a proud young man, he was very unconvinced I don’t believe that Chen Xiang has the strength to defeat him from his weakness. “As you wish!” Liang Youxing shouted at Chen Xiang. “Then I will do what you wish!” Chen Xiang smiled slightly, spread his arms out, and was shocked suddenly, a burst of force surged out of the roulette. Crash! A large amount of water gushed out suddenly, which was formed by Chen Xiang’s Dao power. Although Betking didn’t practice the water law Dao veins, the original Dao power released by his Dao God Heavenly Soul contained various laws, and there was no water law. Dao veins are just that the water is not strong enough. Just at the very beginning, such a strange scene appeared, and the people watching the battle were all watching intently, they had never seen such a battle before! They had never heard of Chen Xiang’s name, in their eyes, Chen Xiang was only a Premier League player who gave points to Liang Youxing! 22Bet “What’s going on? What’s going on here? Will Liang Youxing be defeated by this Liverpool trick?” “I don’t know, Liang Youxing is so powerful, he won’t lose! The person who is fighting Liang Youxing is not a son of a famous family, They’re just ordinary people!” “That’s right, almost all the people who can make it into the top 30 are from famous families. Of course, Liang Youxing is also a Nairabet himself, and he is also practicing the unique skills of their Liang clan!” “This person wants to win the Evolution game by surprise? Defeat Liang Youxing?” Everyone was just looking at the flowers in the fog, not knowing what Chen Xiang was doing! Under Chen Xiang’s control, a large amount of water formed a huge water drop, covering Liang Youxing all at once, and the thunder and lightning released by Liang Youxing

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