The latest chapter, Volume 1, Volume 1 of Piaotian Literature, Shen Xiang went to look at the flashscore and some pills on his own, while Wu Xuan was chatting with that Uncle Feng, and he would listen to Wu Xuan and the others’ conversations from time to time. Suddenly, he heard something from Mozzartbet that interested him very much. That Uncle Feng is a steward in the Phoenix Sect, his cultivation level is average, but he has a good relationship with Wu Xuan, he can be regarded as a friend. Just now, Chen Xiang heard that Uncle Feng mentioned that a phoenix came to the Phoenix Gate, named Feng Ruxue. Spinmatic Feng Ruxue also came to this mysterious Flying Dragon Pagoda. Chen Xiang was quite surprised, but he didn’t find it surprising that those evil spirits could also come. “I don’t know if Ruxue has participated in the Flying Dragon Club.” When Chen Xiang parted with Feng Ruxue’s family that day, they mentioned that they wanted to stay away from Wan Dao City, but they didn’t expect to come to Flying Dragon Pagoda now. Chen Xiang didn’t really want to see Feng Ruxue because of Slot Games, now he in BGaming just wanted to make himself stronger quickly, and then go to the top floor of Flying Dragon Tower. He firmly believed that after this level of experience, he would become stronger, and it would be safer to go to Wan Dao’s Mausoleum. Chen Xiang wandered around for a while, then went back to his room to rest, he didn’t find any suitable pills in the Xuanwu Pill Pavilion. “Sure enough, there are no good pills in the Divine Realm. It might be better to reach the Three Profound Realm.” Chen Xiang wanted to find out if there were any pills that could quickly break through in the Divine Realm, but he couldn’t. Nothing was gained. He stayed in the room for several days, and he didn’t want to go out, he was worried that he would meet a group of evil spirits like Xue Yunxiong, and there would definitely be a lot of trouble. A few days passed, and Chen Xiang also learned a piece of news that Xue Yunxiong and the others were so wicked

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