In the future, the reading record will be permanently preserved. Novel: Movie: It’s dawn, Wu Xuan returned to the Xuanwu Pill Pavilion, Chen Xiang had already refined the two law beads, and he only used them for two hours at most. It is very easy to say. Wu Xuan took the two law beads and held them in his hands. He could feel the strong power of laws and laws inside. Before that, he didn’t believe that Bet9ja could have five times the power of laws in them, but now he But it is certain that what Chen Xiang said is true. “I was in the black market last night. I have already inquired about it. This Nairabet can sell at least 1.1 billion crystals per Mozzartbet. Some buyers bid 1.2 billion, but they have to see the goods Okay.” Wu Xuan couldn’t help feeling excited as he held the two law beads. This is something worth more than two billion Dao crystals, and he has never obtained such a precious thing! “I only want two billion, and I’ll give you the extra!” Chen Xiang had told Wu Xuan before, and he had also signed a blood contract with Wu Xuan, so he wasn’t worried that Wu Xuan would run away with the Law Orb. Although Wu Xuan can get a lot, he also has certain risks, because selling this kind of thing can easily attract attention, and if he is not careful, he will be targeted. As for the consequences, he himself does not know . In short, he felt that it would be a big deal to run back to the Xuanwu Gate to hide from rumbles. His master’s strength is still very strong. “Just wait here for my good news!” Wu Xuan chuckled, then put on an Endorphina-like human skin mask, turned himself into a middle-aged man, and quietly left from the Xuanwu Pill Pavilion. Chen Xiang went back to the secret room to refine the Heavenly Betking Soul Golden Pill. “I’m only at the third level of the Taidao Realm now, and my Taoist Heavenly Soul is not strong enough

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