After Chen Xiang returned to Yuntian Villa, he found that there were fewer people here, mainly because Xue Yunxiong’s old subordinates were not here, and that group of people were relatively strong, and they would make many people feel much safer if they stayed here, but now It disappeared, making Chen Xiang a little bit worried. But fortunately, he saw that Brother Wang was still here. Brother Wang was the strongest under Xue Yunxiong, and he was also the chief steward here. “Old Wang BetWinner, where have all the people gone? Xue Qing isn’t here either.” Chen Xiang walked over and asked. “” “You don’t know?” Brother Wang pointed to the sky in the distance, and said, “Can you see something?” Chen Xiang looked in that direction, saw nothing, and then used his finger to look again. After making Bet9ja use his mind eye, Chen Xiang could see a golden line, and he didn’t know whether this line came out of the ground or landed from the sky, connecting the la liga world. “Over there… there seems to be something connecting the world!” Chen Xiang said. “I knew you could see it.” Brother Wang smiled and said, “Over there, there is a lake in the depths of the Dragon Beast Forest. No one in Roulette knows why the live betting was frozen.” “Just now, this lake suddenly broke open! The strange ice layer on the Wandao Lake is very difficult to destroy. We and Boss Xue have tried it before. There were many times, but Liverpool didn’t have it, but now it broke open inexplicably.” Chen Xiang looked at the golden silk thread, and asked: “Is there some kind of power coming out of this Wan Dao Lake? You can’t see it with your eyes. “”Yes, it can only be seen with a special method, Xue

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