It will take another year for the Wan Dao Mausoleum to be opened, and rare Law Orbs can be found inside. If Chen Xiang wants to cultivate the Dao of Space Law, he will not wait until the Wan Dao Mausoleum opens. Betting because Wan Dao’s Mausoleum is very dangerous, if he can’t cultivate the law of space, he doesn’t plan to go in and die. In the past, he was able to survive in various dangerous places with a very low level of cultivation, and most of them relied on the power of the law of space. Therefore, he had to cultivate the Dao of space before going to the Mausoleum of Wan Dao. Chen Xiang chatted with the two elders for a while, and then went to alchemy, he now has two partners, he needs to refine more alchemy, and he is also anxious to cultivate space dao veins. When saving Jiang Simi before, if Bet9ja could use Parimatch to use the power of space, then he would not be injured in the live betting, and he could rescue Jiang Simi very smoothly. Chen Xiang was refining alchemy in the secret room. Originally, he could refine 20,000 pills of the Heavenly Poker Soul Golden Pill every day, but now he could refine 30,000 pills. After ten days, the roulette would be 300,000 pills. When Thai champions league Baolai took the NetEnt pill, he was also very surprised. Originally, he thought that there were not as many pills of this kind as the God of Gumai pill. Chen Xiang sold Taibao 150,000 pills, and Taibao would exclusively sell them to other shops, and after getting the payment, he would give them Dao Crystals to Chen Xiang. At the same time, Chen Xiang also gave them 150,000,000 to buy the Law of Regeneration Beads. The main reason is that Jiang Sijing can’t keep up with the speed of planting medicinal materials in Spinmatic now. The medicinal materials needed for Tianhun Golden Elixir are multiple parts, and the grade is slightly higher, so it is difficult to grow. If Jiang Sijing can practice the law of regeneration, the speed can be faster. After Taibao and his two brothers left, Feng Ruxue, who was notified, also came to collect the pills. The last time they were in Phoenix Villa, they only

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