Popular recommendation: Jiang Sijing is very curious about Shen Xiang’s Creation Spring, the feeling of being familiar and unfamiliar to her is very strange. “Is this thing drinkable? I want to try it!” Jiang Sijing said. 1xBet “Of course!” Chen Xiang often drinks it, and the taste is still very good. Jiang Sijing immediately took a sip, then frowned, refining the Creation Spring, she wanted to see how it was different from her forebet power of the law of the earth. Not long after, she discovered that this chelsa power could actually be fused with her Dao vein of the Law of the Earth, strengthening her Dao vein of the Law of the Earth. “What the hell is this? It can strengthen my law of the earth!” Jiang Sijing was very surprised: “It’s like the power of law, but it’s not, because it can’t be absorbed directly to condense the law of the road, but it can be used Yu Zeng NetEnt strengthens the power of the law of my Dao veins.” Spinmatic “Really?” Chen Xiang didn’t expect this, he took out a quality and said with a smile: “There are a lot of them here, see if you can use sports Betting to strengthen your Dao veins of the Law of the Earth.” “Well, thank you!” Jiang Sijing thought this kind of spring water was very precious before, but she didn’t expect Chen Xiang to give her so much at once. “You’re welcome.” Chen Xiang also hoped that Jiang Sijing’s power of the law of the earth could be strengthened, and it would be much faster for her to ripen the medicinal materials by then. Jiang Sijing got the spring water sent by Chen Xiang, drank a lot of it, and then practiced in this alchemy room, and didn’t mind being alone with Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang also closed his eyes, created a clone in Youyao Villa, controlled that clone to plant medicinal Liverpool materials, and he was going to refine a large amount of Jin Yuan Dao Dan. “I don’t know if I can still make alchemy quickly with my heart…Cooperate

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