Popular recommendation: “What a fart!” Jiang Simi said very directly: “The main reason is that I don’t have enough manpower here, and I am always busy with 22Bet, and I am too busy. As time goes by, even regular customers will Choose another shop.” No wonder Jiang Simi would let Chen Xiang stay, she is very short of people. , ybdu, “Didn’t affiliates hire alchemists before?” Chen Xiang asked again. “Hmph, most of the people who can make alchemy are some old guys. Will they let me, a little girl, do it? If that kind of old guy doesn’t offer his ancestors, he will disappear the next day. This kind of old lady is not good. Waiting.” Jiang Simi said. Seeing that Chen Xiang didn’t speak, she said again: “Do you think that because of my temper, that’s why you didn’t recruit alchemists? Right!” “I didn’t say that!” Chen Xiang immediately denied it. “But you must think so in your heart.” Jiang Simi said: “I will not beat you if I admit it. I know what kind of temper I am, and it is normal for you to think so! But I want to tell you, come to me The real madrid who work here, I have never treated badly, but I don’t want to raise an uncle, many old guys come to me just want to be an uncle.” “Understandable! Boss, you know how to make alchemy at a young age, and live betting some An old alchemist whose level of alchemy Spinmatic is similar to yours came here, but put on airs, relying on his old man to sell old bet games, trying to take advantage of it, right.” Chen Xiang said, he could also guess this kind of thing. “That’s right, as expected of a young man, he thinks the same!” Jiang Simi nodded to Chen Xiang, agreeing with Chen Xiang’s words. “If those old alchemists are better at alchemy than me, I’d be happy with Paripesa

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