Constantine’s figure was as fast as lightning, and at night, the speed of the scarlet Betking patriarch couldn’t match it at all! The two sides started one after another, but it was Constantine who stopped in front of the red patriarch Aojin! “You can’t escape today!” Constantine sneered. Aojin looked up to the sky and smiled: “I have many lives!” “What’s more, Betting you alone may not be able to kill me!” “What about Endless Ocean? Tell her to come out. You two may be able to kill me together.” Take my life.” “But…” Poker’s expression suddenly became extremely ferocious! “I will make you pay the price!” In an instant, his body la liga changed suddenly. From a normal human form, it turned into a basilisk with three heads! The basilisk is smooth and has no scales, but its defense is comparable to the hardest adamantine! This is the real body of the Scarlet Patriarch. As the second son of the Mieshi Snakes, he is much weaker than his elder sister Tianqing Mushou, but his main body’s fighting ability is also quite strong. Many creatures, after being transformed, cannot make Paripesa use magic. But he is different. After he transforms, he can also use the original magic. This is where Parimatch’s greatest strength lies. Constantine looked at the huge basilisk coldly, a cold light flashed in his hands, and suddenly he took out two crude pistols! boom! boom! There were two loud gunshots, bursts of blue smoke rose from the pistol, and two exaggerated bullets hit the basilisk’s body. The latter neighed and had a bruise on his body, but he didn’t break NetEnt’s defense! “The little tricks of the Sha people are useless to me!” “Without the help of the endless ocean, you affiliate is a dead man!” The scarlet patriarch laughed wildly and rushed towards

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