After Chen Xiang la liga heard the sound, he felt that ray of divine soul being pulled by a powerful suction force, and in a flash before his eyes, he came to a world surrounded by golden light. In this world bet game, his affiliate saw A huge green dragon circled around! “Qinglong!” Chen Xiang couldn’t help shouting, he was no stranger to Qinglong, but the Qinglong in front of him was not familiar to him. (360 search Wenshan, more and faster updates) There is a green dragon in Nine Heavens Dragon City, he has seen it last time, and he is very familiar with him, he was in the Rumble Domain of the Star Law God, and the Evolution game also swallowed live betting Devoured the soul of a green dragon. “That’s right, it looks like you’ve seen Qinglong before.” Qinglong said, his voice was loud and full of majesty, which was very different from the relatively inferior Qinglong in Nine Heavens Dragon City. “Senior…why are there so many blue dragons? I met two of them, one of which was still alive, and the other…had turned into Betway’s spirit and merged into my second sea of ​​spirits. This is my own existence.” Chen Xiang said, as long as it is the four-dimensional beasts, they are not malicious, and Chen Xiang has always had a good relationship with these beasts. “This is the law of heaven. We are all beasts of heaven. As long as there are laws of heaven, there will be beasts like us!” Qinglong said, his huge dragon body suddenly flashed a blue light, and then turned into a A burly middle-aged man in Tsing Yi. Just as Liu Menger and the others had guessed, there was indeed something sealed in the Emperor Seal! *Long*Wind*Literature “Of course, the blue dragons in other worlds are all created according to my template. It can be said that they are all copies of me! The law of heaven

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