Popular recommendation: After Chen Xiang dealt with Lin Ting, he rode the giant black lion swaggeringly, and then ran to the front. While running, he turned into the champions league and looked like Lin Ting. + Top + point + novel + “Then Zhao You summoned these people not because of arresting me, but because of other important matters, what exactly is this man city?” Chen Xiang learned from Lin Ting’s memory. He rode a real madrid on a black lion, and soon came to the original imperial palace. In a huge square inside the imperial palace, there were also many powerful warriors of the spirit race. When Chen Xiang came here, according to Lin Ting’s memory, he greeted a few friends of his subordinates, and then entered the team. Zhao You flew from a distance, he was wearing a phoenix feather coat, and he could fly at will. When seeing him flying, everyone present envied him. Now Chen Xiang also somewhat understands why Lin Xirong is so eager to get the phoenix feather coat. The people in the roulette here cannot fly. , only heard the way of jumping, but that fly makes a big difference. “Everyone, the search for that foreigner is now suspended. An elder of my Zhao family who guards the forbidden area just saw a group of flames suddenly appear in the forbidden area. After the group of flames dispersed, a phoenix appeared inside. But the phoenix turned into a human and flew out of the forbidden area,” Zhao You said. “So, the most important thing for you now is to catch that phoenix.” Chen Xiang was also surprised that a phoenix came down from the passage of Wanshenyuan! Wanshenyuan is the channel for Shenhuang to come here. It is not surprising that Shenhuang has the divine bird Phoenix, but why did he come to this primitive place? When Zhao You spoke just now, Shen

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