Popular recommendation Leap recommendation:, Chen Xiang himself did not dare to go down, these savage beasts are very powerful, especially those giant white wolves, the big mouth of the champions league with steel teeth and sharp teeth matched with the steel claws, almost It can tear apart a dragon beast at once, the power is very terrifying! “It looks much scarier than those steel-armed apes.! ybdu! Bet9ja” Chen Xiang watched the battle of hundreds of savage beasts below, and it was very enjoyable to watch, but seeing the black shadows that appeared from time to time, he felt very dissatisfied. Comfortable. “Who is this guy? The speed is too fast, I can’t see what he looks like at all!” Chen Xiang just saw that black shadow appear, but not long after, the black shadow disappeared again. The shadow will appear, and Paripesa will fly a few times to collect the corpse of the 22Bet beast. “This bastard is really a bumper harvest! If I can use the power of space, I won’t be able to turn to this guy at all!” Chen Xiang thought, this time he focused on that black shadow. He finally saw where the black shadow was hiding, right next to a big rock! Chen Xiang immediately rushed over to the forebet carefully, and when he came to the side of the big rock, the black shadow also happened to go out to pick up the corpse. He just waited for a while, and the shadow came back! Chen Xiang could now clearly see what this person looked like, he was actually a thin old man, but his hair was black. “Senior, hello!” Chen Xiang greeted politely. “Hmm!” The old man responded, and then disappeared again, running to the battlefield at a very manly speed. This interesting thing is quite a flashscore beast corpse. “Senior, can you give me all those beast pills?” Chen Xiang asked. “No!” The old man smiled at him, and then took out a

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