Popular recommendation: Chen Xiang and Ji Yuelan were on good terms before, and were going to go into the rocky mountain to investigate, hunt some wild beasts at the same time, and collect the beast pills of the wild beasts, but they were delayed. “Yue Lan, I think you should stay here!” Chen Xiang took out a Dao God Emperor Yuan Pill and handed it to Ji Yue Lan, which he had refined using the collision method. Ji Yuelan wanted to go with Shen Leapxiang, but she also saw that Chen Xiang’s strength was already much higher than hers, and Chen Xiang was worried that there would be an accident and he would not take her into consideration, after all, the rocky mountain was more dangerous. “En!” Ji Yuelan nodded. “You eat this and then take a good rest for a while, it will help you.” Chen Xiang gave her a Dao God Emperor Yuan Pill. “Eat it directly?” Ji Yuelan took it over and looked at it. Chen Xiang told her before that it was Dan, but she hadn’t eaten it yet. “Yes, just eat it. After you eat it, you can rest in the room, and you will feel it yourself when the time comes.” Shen Forbet Xiang said. Ji Yuelan didn’t know what it was useful for, but what Chen Xiang gave her at 1xBet must have been of great help to her. She sent Chen Xiang to leave the Ji’s tribe, and then watched Chen Xiang leave. Chen Xiang ran towards the stone mountain of live betting, he soon came to the group of stone mountains, and climbed to the top of a peak, looking into the depths of the stone mountain. “I hope there will be a major discovery. The demons in the Heavenly Evil World say that Betting may have entered the Heavenly Dao God Realm. I have to go back quickly.” Chen Xiang has been thinking about this matter in his heart. Demons have a strong lethality, and through the enhancement of NetEnt’s original power, killing demons can be like mowing grass. “What is hidden in this primitive place?

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