Popular recommendation: Under Long Run’s guidance, Chen Xiang used teleportation, and soon came outside the land of gods! “This place has a very powerful barrier!” Chen Xiang could sense the powerful barrier power in front of him just by coming outside, and the repulsive force made people dare not approach. “Yes, that barrier is also They only got it out later. Before the evil dragon clan ran rampant, there was no such enchantment at all. After they finished this enchantment, the evil dragon clan came out chelsa. I don’t know if they have anything to do with this incident. “Long Run doesn’t have a good impression of this land of gods. Chen Xiang can guess some things, but this matter is too complicated, he is not good at Endorphina to tell Long Run, he let Long Run enter the casino slot into Youyao Villa, Mozzartbet he also suffered serious injuries before, now Need an Online Casino break. As for Pragmatic play, Chen Xiang entered the Land of Gods by himself. Long Run told him that he didn’t need to force his way in. There was a door where he could enter, but when he entered, he would be questioned and asked for some things before giving it to him. people go in. Chen Xiang would definitely not enter through the door, he directly jumped into the land of gods with a white tiger, and was not discovered by anyone. After entering, there was still a mountain forest inside, but the Dao Qi inside did not contain evil power, this was what Long Run said, and Chen Xiang could see that it was indeed not that dark inside with his Dao mind. “The land of the gods? Could it be that the guys here are all the same as the gods of heaven?” Chen Xiang thought in his heart, after all, the two worlds of la liga are similar, both have dragons and humans, and this is also called the land of the gods, so for sure There are gods. He walked quickly in the mountains, and he saw a very lively street market in a short time.

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