After killing the evil dragon man, the remaining black-haired men had no pressure on Chen Xiang at all. He shot a few arrows of livescore, killed those black-haired men in one breath, and then destroyed the giant net. Save that dragon. After the giant net was destroyed, the fire dragon’s body flashed a flashscore of fire, and then gradually shrank, turning into a handsome boy! “Thank you big brother for saving me!” Huolong hurriedly thanked Chen Xiang. “It’s easy to do!” Chen Xiang smiled, and then patted his head: “My name is Chen Xiang, what about you?” “Long Run!” He looked at the dead black-haired men. He was very afraid of the hairy man, but just now he was killed by the betting man in front of him. The Evolution game and the live betting was the evil dragon man flying over, which made him even more afraid, but it had been wiped out by la liga just now up. “Brother Shen, Liverpool, you are really powerful. Those guys are very scary, but you killed them with ease. I didn’t expect that there are such powerful humans as you in our world.” Long Run looked at Chen Xiang in awe. “Really? I have been hidden from the world for too long, and I don’t know much about this world. Can you tell me about it?” Chen Xiang asked. Although Long Run looks like a teenager, he must have lived for a long time and knows many things. “Let’s talk about it in another place. They just died here, and someone will come to check on them soon.” Long Run was very vigilant. Afterwards, Chen Xiang Parimatch followed Long Run for a long distance, and came to a forest. Long Run was very cautious and worried all the way. It seemed that he was worried that he would be chased by a powerful guy. But after coming to this forest, he breathed a sigh of relief. The environment of this forest is very good, the ground is soft lawn, and there are many blooming flowers in the forest.

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