Popular recommendation: When Chen Xiang betting heard that he was going to the Demon Desolation and the Evil Desolation for actual combat, he felt a little puzzled, and quickly asked, “Why don’t you go to the Xuanhuang? Huang and poker are so difficult to deal with.” Chen Xiang also has a little understanding of Xuanhuang, so he thinks that entering the Slot Games into Xuanhuang is very good. Fan Shixin shook his head and said, “According to the information you collected from the Xuanhuang, it is not a good rumble to enter the Xuanhuang now. The black-haired man Evolution game in the Paripesa Xuanhuang only woke up later. If we enter the Xuanhuang now for actual combat , it will definitely disturb those black-haired people, which is not good for those who are still alive in Xuanhuang.” Hearing Fan Shixin’s words, Chen Xiang thought about it for himself, and felt that it made sense, although there are many black-haired people in Xuanhuang People, but now many of them have not woken up. And the teams of the three major banks that went in for actual combat were very tough and could easily wake up the black-haired men inside. “If we enter the Demon Desolation or Evil Desolation, we can do it without any scruples.” Fan Shixin said: “The formation masters of our three major banks have not yet found a way to enter the Demon Desolation or Evil Desolation, so only I came to look for you.” “We have our own storage utensils, you just need to bring us in and play Pragmatic Play.” Chen Xiang nodded, he had also brought people from the three major banks into Xuanhuang before. “How many people of you went in this time, so did all the training people go in?” Chen Xiang asked. “Only those above the Dao Xuan Realm can enter, and only those who are in the Dao Profound Realm Mozzartbet have the power to kill the black-haired man. These people are all from our three major banks.” Fan Shixin said

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