Popular recommendation: “This Jiuyang sweet potato… no, Diguo, it’s so powerful!” Chen Xiang looked at Xia Bailing, but Xia Bailing didn’t expect that she was the Premier League of Linghuang, so she was very interested in this kind of sweet potato. I don’t know the medicinal materials of the power of the profound way. . ybdu. “Sister Xiaoling, we still have the Emperor Profound Fruit bet game. If we refine it together with the Nine Casino Slot Yang Di Fruit to make pills, wouldn’t it be even more powerful?” Xia Bailing said hastily. Du Xiaoling Slot Games nodded: “In fact, high-level medicinal materials can be freely matched during refining, mainly because high-level medicinal materials are rare, and there are few inherent pills. A single medicinal material can be refined into pills. All of them will have very good livescore effects, you need to try it yourself, I only know how to make poison, not alchemy, but it should be about the same.” Bai Ziqian asked: “Is there any use for these mysterious powers? “”It is very useful. The most fundamental function of the power of the mysterious way is to generate a kind of affiliate power of the mysterious yellow. When the power of the mysterious yellow and the power of the heaven are combined, it will become more powerful. You may not feel it now. If you You will know when you have cultivated to the Daoxuan realm.” Du Xiaoling said: “Among the ancient eight wildernesses, only the Dao Qi in the Xuanhuang and the Sacred Desolation contains the power of the profound way, and only these two places can give birth to the chelsa that contains the profound way. The power of the medicinal materials.” Xia Bailing pouted and said: “Doesn’t that mean that our profound power is not strong and Dao Zun is weak compared with the Dao Zun of the Holy Desolation and Xuanhuang?” “If the strength NetEnt is compared , It will indeed be much weaker, but it doesn’t matter, it can catch up later.” Du Xiaoling said. Then Bai Youyou told Bai Ziqian the method of cultivating the heart of the profound way, but Bai Ziqian didn’t know

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