Popular recommendation: Chen Xiang now has time to refine the Ten Soul Pill, not only for himself, but also for the people around him, especially Nine Heavens Dragon City. . ybdu. Jiuxiaolongcheng liverpool has just been established, and it is relatively weak compared with many cities here, so it needs more Dan to improve quickly. The Celestial Pogo Fruit is very peculiar. During the twelve hours of the day, the color of Surebet247 changes every hour. This is mainly due to the influence of the strange power inside the Celestial Porc Fruit. “Sister Bai Ling, is the Ten Soul Pill easy to refine?” Chen Xiang asked. “I don’t know about la liga, but judging from the alchemy formula, this is not a difficult alchemy. Can’t you refine a king-level alchemy? As long as you can refine this level of alchemy, then you can refine it There is no difficulty in making the ten soul pills! You can refine such a difficult ascending dao pill, so it must not be a problem.” Xia Bailing said. Chen Xiang took out two Sky Pogo Fruits. The colors of the Sky Pogo Fruits are different at this time, but the energy contained inside is the same. To refine a furnace of Ten Soul Pills, you only need two Heavenly Soul Fruits, and you need a lot of medicinal materials. It is very easy to refine the same medicinal materials like this one. It becomes very difficult when it comes to fusion. Chen Xiang put the celestial poker fruit into the Spinmatic alchemy furnace, released flames, and used the technique of sky refining to go out. He chose the refining of the phantom fire of Endorphina, which is easier to refine the medicinal material Endorphina, and burn the medicinal material from the inside, as long as it is not special The medicinal materials can be refined very quickly by using the Phantom Fire Alchemy. It just didn’t take long, about an hour or so, Chen Xiang successfully refined the two Sky Soul Fruits

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