· Chen Xiang really wanted to go to those ancient desolations. He had been to the spirit desolation, and felt that it was relatively safe in the spirit desolation. However, there was a little accident, and he was almost killed by the little tree spirit. “I want to go in and have a look.” Chen Xiang said, “Can you tell me the exact location.” “It’s really dangerous inside, your current cultivation base is still relatively low, and it’s easy to cause accidents when you go inside.” Fan Shixin frowned. Said, he was really thinking about Chen Xiang. “No problem.” Chen Xiang smiled: “Tell me BGaming about the Evolution game where Xuanhuang is located, and then talk about the things in Xuanhuang. Forebet, I will go to Xuanhuang to have a look first.” Hearing the name, he thought it was scary, so Chen Xiang didn’t plan to go now, he was just more interested in Xuanhuang, and judging from the name, it was definitely not as scary as Xiehuang and Mohuang. “Okay.” Seeing that Chen Xiang wanted to go so much, Fan Shixin told Chen Xiang the location, and repeatedly told Chen Xiang what to pay attention to when entering. And now the people from the three major banks can’t enter Xuanhuang, Fan Shixin is not very worried about Shen Parimatch Xiang, he feels that Shen Xiang can’t enter it either. When Chen Xiang learned that Xuan Huang’s location was only 1, he immediately went back and said hello to Huang Jintian’s live betting, and gave Huang Jintian more than ten Dao Ascension Pills to let him see if he could enter the Dao Soul Realm, and then he went to the Eternal Life Bank The teleportation array inside is teleported to a city outside. He came to a big city in the northern wilderness, and many people from Endorphina gathered here at this time, because Xuanhuang, one of the ancient betway eight wildernesses, appeared near here. Although it is still a little far away from this city, it is still The only city near Xuanhuang. once here

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