Text “You are from the future, what about our three major banks in the future? Sportybet” Fan Shi took a deep breath and asked, he seemed to be very concerned about this matter. “No longer exists. As far as I know, the disappearance of your Premier League is due to a certain powerful and mysterious force in real madrid. To make you perish, the Evolution game is also for balance!” Chen Xiang said. Fan Shixin sighed and said: “As expected!” Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, this Fan Shixin actually knew that there would be such a result, he said: “But the situation is different now!” Fan Shixin naturally understood what Chen Xiang said, and also That is to say, after the future Undead God Race and Red Spirit Race return to this era, they will balance with their three major banks, so that they will not be wiped out. Huge monsters like the three major banks would be destroyed, Chen Xiang was shocked by that kind of live betting power, it was equivalent to the power to destroy the world! “I will send someone to deal with the matter of Nine Heavens Dragon City!” Fan Shixin said, “I have to tell the higher authorities about something now!” “Okay!” Chen Xiang nodded. Fan Shixin left very hastily, and Chen Xiang didn’t expect that Surebet247, the three major banks, didn’t understand these things. Chen Xiang left the Eternal Life Bank and returned to his own villa. He and Chu Hongqing practiced the pill for two days, and Jiang Xian came suddenly. As soon as Jiang Xian saw the forebet Chen Xiang, he burst out laughing, admiring the effect of the Dao Ascension Pill, he handed Chen Xiang a storage bag, and said: “This is 100 million jade coins, which I earned these days Here!” “It’s too much!” Chen Xiang didn’t expect Jiang Xian to give so much. “I’m still worried that you think it’s too little! I didn’t expect that I could break through so quickly. This kind of alchemy is really magical, and the improvement of Dao alchemy is amazing.”

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