Huang Xiaotian also already knew about his father, his father Huang Tian needed a cauldron for cultivation, and Chu Hong’s love and harmony were the best, but they were all misfortune by Chen Xiang. It’s all right now, Chen Xiang was hung there, this made Huang Xiaotian very excited! “My elders are also there, and one of them is in the Dao Soul Realm.” Chu Hongqing said again, she and Yang Xiangyin were very anxious at this moment. Huang Xiaotian threw a stone over, and after triggering the formation next to the big tree, the stone was blown away immediately. wBGaming.zhuzhudao “Pig Pig Island Novel” Novel chapters are updated the fastest “It seems that our past is not easy. This Chen Xiang is really capable, and he can actually cross such a formation.” Huang Xiaotian carefully observed the surroundings, and he also found that the big There is a naturally formed formation next to the tree. Chen Xiang didn’t say anything, he wanted Slot Games to see how Huang Xiaotian was going to catch him, he really hoped that Huang Xiaotian and the others would get past that formation. “Break off the root of the tree!” said the Taoist elder, and then stormed towards the ground, followed by more than a dozen members of Huo Zunmen. After a while, they broke many tree roots, Huang Xiaotian tried again, the stone could hit Chen Xiang, not triggering the formation like before. “Everyone, be careful when passing by! And don’t kill him in the bet game, our roulette will force him to hand over two heavenly artifacts to attract Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin.” The vines should have come out of the ground.” Huang Xiaotian observed very carefully, and found that there were traces of vines breaking through the soil under the Online Casino where Chen Xiang was hung up. Of course, Leap also found that there was a hole in the small tree hole. blue flower

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