What is displayed in the magic mirror is the real-time situation of Baihe Valley! Riots broke out in the territory! Even if Madeline let Ma Wen go now, it would take at least an hour for Ma Wen to rush over here. By that time, the riots in the territory might be over. The men of Dosiroa may have taken control of the castle! Marvin took a deep breath, and said in a deep voice, “What exactly do you mean?” “It’s nothing. I actually don’t really care about what you did before.” Madeline poured herself a glass of red wine, and she could tell , this is a woman who enjoys life very much. She looked at Marvin charmingly: “After all, this is a world where the strong are respected, and the potential you have shown is enough to be praised.” “I want to cooperate with you.” Cooperation? Marvin almost thought he had heard wrong. The city lord of the majestic river beach city, the master of the fourth-order la liga, and the quasi-legendary wizard, actually wants to cooperate with himself in live betting? “The Holy Grail of Magic.” Madeline finally revealed her intentions: “I need that thing. The news from the wizarding world is well-informed, and your performance in the Nairabet Tower on the third ring road of Forebet is astonishing.” 22Bet “I Know it’s on you, don’t you?” Marvin had nothing to hide about this, just nodded. Lance’s holy grail was indeed upon him. Although this item is also helpful to Pooh, but after Betking Marvin made a request, Pooh gave the Holy Grail to Marvin without hesitation. “Magic Holy Grail…” Marvin’s mind was spinning quickly. Since Madeline wanted the Magic Holy Grail, it meant that she was going to do something there. Much earlier than in history! Marvin was a little wary. “Let’s keep things simple

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