The online casino download address of the full text of the novel is ttp://dz before Liverpool God Eyes said Mozzartbet an accident, he did not understand the combination of fire and space, but the mark did not let him down. (Wenshan, update more soon) “An elephant!” Chu Hongqing said: “This is also a beast, it’s very good!” “An extraordinary elephant, this earth-shattering idol!” Chen Xiang said : “Have you heard of it?” “Of course I have. It is said that there is a hell here, and it is guarded by an idol. If it is really an idol, it must be very scary. It is said that this is a very magical Taoist beast.” Chu Hongqing asked in surprise: “How do you know about this earth-suppressing god?” The dao marks that Chen Xiang cultivated were all related to many things on his body, so when he saw the pictographic dao marks, he knew the earth-suppressing god elephant. Chen Xiang pressed the palm of his hand on the ground, and then activated his divine power, only to see a formation in the shape of an elephant suddenly continued on the ground. “This prison-suppressing god fire formation for suppressing demons is very powerful.” Chen Xiang also suddenly had these messages in his mind just now, letting him know the usefulness of this idol dao mark. “If my Spinmatic is strong enough, I can use Dao Mark to summon a huge earth-suppressing idol, which has very terrifying power.” Chen Xiang said. “Another very scary Dao mark!” Chu Hongqing exclaimed, she seemed to be used to it. Chen Xiang nodded to bet the game, and suddenly ate another Dao Mark Pill from the Evolution game. This time, he began to livescore to practice the Dao Mark of the space element attribute. He was very curious about what kind of strange power this space Dao Mark would have. . The sixth dao mark appeared soon, Chu Hongqing didn’t practice alchemy now, but watched him practice dao mark next to Chen Xiang. “This… this picture

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