Popular recommendation: Seeing the scale bar lit up on the stele, everyone gasped and the parimatch lighted up, and then burst into exclamations. The roulette actually lights up on the scale bar of 324. “The quality of more than three hundred and twenty is much higher than the two hundred just now.” One person shouted: “So, the test tablet just now is not broken, but the quality of Yaogdan produced by this guy refining Surebet247 is too high.” It’s too high.” “It’s twice as high as Huang Xiaotian’s. Is this true? This quality is too scary.” Huang Tian was also stunned, he had practiced alchemy for so many years, and he had been thinking hard all day long. How to improve the quality, and his limit is only at one hundred and nine, but Chen Xiang is so much higher than him. “You won, this is your reward.” Huang Tian took out a jade box, which contained the formula of Daohen Pill and a good quality medicinal material. Shen Endorphinaxiang looked at the prescription, checked the medicinal materials, confirmed that it was true, and then accepted it. “Yunfei, right? I admire your alchemy skills very much. I wonder if you are interested in entering our Huo Zun Sect. I will let you be the elder of our Huo Zun Sect.” Huang Tian smiled and said Paripesa, he really wanted to learn How does Slot Games improve the quality of games. “I’m not interested in sports betting. If your Huo Zun’s sect was upright…Of course, I originally thought that you didn’t intend to give me the formula of Daohen Pill.” Chen Xiang chuckled. “Brother, what do you mean by this? If you don’t make it clear, I will take it as an insult to our Huo Zun clan, and the consequences will be very serious.” Huang Tian said with a dark face. Chen Xiang immediately controlled his divine power, and knocked out the alchemy furnace that Huang Xiaotian and Fang Heng used just now, and the two alchemy

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