Contents: Author: Website: Fang Heng smiled lightly: “It’s nothing, you can refine Yaogdan to such an extreme, you are already invincible among the gods of fire! But so what? You will only It’s just refining this kind of pill.” “You have achieved so much in refining this kind of pill, you definitely won’t put your mind on other Nairabet pills! If you don’t have such an achievement livescore in refining other pills, you will definitely After being hit hard, you will refine Yaogdan all your life, because only by refining Yaogdan, you will not feel frustrated.” “So, no matter how good you are at refining Yaogdan, in my eyes you will not A real alchemist, a true alchemist, should be proficient in many kinds of elixirs, even if he can refine other elixirs, he can be very good.” Chen Xiang sneered: “You are like me, why do you dare to judge me Only know how to refine Yaogdan? Why are you so confident that I will only refine Yaogdan in my life?” “Oh? Didn’t you just know how to refine Yaogdan? This is your Online Casino!” Fang Heng also Sneered. It was clear at a glance that he was looking for trouble, Chu Hongqing already wanted to go over to fix Fang Heng, but the Pragmatic play was stopped by Chen Xiang. “That’s because I just learned alchemy, and now I only know how to refine affiliate Yaogdan, I haven’t tried other pills yet!” Chen Xiang replied truthfully: “So you and I only refine la liga Yaogdan in our life, only yourself You’re the one talking nonsense.” Lan Taotian suddenly sneered, “What a big tone, don’t you know who this person is in front of you? He is fully qualified to say those words, he is the head of Huo Zun’s family Disciple taught by live betting!” “So, I figured it out, as long as you become the head teacher of Huo Zun Sect, you can talk nonsense! If that’s the case, then I still

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