Text Chen Xiang understood now, those people were all queuing up, there were about two hundred people, all queuing up to try the pill. “Why do you want to try Dan.” Chen Xiang asked. The old man’s eyes were very sharp, he could tell at a glance that Chen Xiang didn’t understand these things, he was a kid who just came out of NetEnt. “The main reason is that after the alchemist refines the alchemy, he doesn’t know what the effect of his own alchemy Nairabet is, so he invites many people to try it, and then improves his own alchemy by analyzing the effect of Paripesa. Risky, many people have died over the years.” Said the old man. Chen Xiang originally wanted to queue up to try it out, but after hearing this, he felt that Bet9ja had to forget it. He still doesn’t know much about the chaotic pill system. “Old man, I want to buy some pills… I need Mozzartbet to help improve my strength.” Chen Xiang said, “It’s better to get a cheaper one, I don’t have much money.” “Okay, come with me.” The old man took Chen Xiang Came to a counter, and took out a small jade bottle from it: “Little brother, I think you haven’t cultivated the Dao body yet, are you lacking a godhead or a bone, are you the godhead and bone of the second divine sea, or are you the first divine god in real madrid?” Yes.” Hearing what the old man said, Chen Xiang knew that the cultivation system here was the same as what he knew. “The character of the Second Divine Sea, bone frame.” Chen Xiang said, each of the six beast statues in his Second Divine Sea needs to cultivate ten bone frames in order for him to condense his Dao body. “I just guessed that this kind of pill is the best for you to eat. It’s called Yaogdan, which means Pragmatic play with shining bones…” The old man poured out a black pill from the jade bottle and said: ” If you have not condensed the bones of the second divine sea, you only need to eat

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