_Latest Chapter_ I read that after Shen Xiang’s livescore failed to move with one affiliate, he confirmed the location of the black-clothed evil spirit, and immediately made a second move, still teleporting over and quickly stabbing the sword. However, this time it was still dodged, and the opponent did not fight back, but kept dodging. “As far as your current strength is concerned, it’s not enough to kill me. You’d better not waste your strength. Although you can use the power of space, you only know a little bit about the law of space betting.” Black Clothes The evil spirit said: “And me, who has practiced in the law of space at this time, you are too far away from me.” Chen Xiang was secretly startled, but he didn’t show it, and sneered: “Then why are you running? Are you happy to see those guys killed by me.” The black-clothed evil spirit said: “I just want to talk to you alone, as for those dogs, their flashscore will die when they die, they are nothing in my eyes , but you are much more important than them, since you can master our strength without a teacher, I can let Liverpool ignore the past and let you join us and become one of us, and just follow my orders in the future.” Shen Xiang understood, the black-clothed evil spirit turned out to be looking at him and wanted to win him over, which made him feel amused, so he would not join the evil spirit clan, a force that wants to destroy the way of heaven. “Why, don’t you plan to join us? As long as our plan succeeds, you will be able to gain even more power by then.” said the black-clothed evil spirit. “It doesn’t matter how strong you are, you still have to be controlled by you, what’s more, what you do is what I hate the most. Don’t think that I don’t know your plan. What I want to do now is to destroy your plan. “Chen Xiang is cold

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