What shocked Chen Xiang was not only this, but also the fact that this giant blood-colored bee couldn’t get rid of it. He himself teleported several times, but these giant blood-colored bees were still able to follow closely, which only showed that the giant blood-colored bee It also has the power to travel through space. “I remembered, these are space ghost bees, they are highly poisonous, are you okay?” Yue’er exclaimed in surprise, “Kill them quickly, these guys reproduce very quickly…” Yue’er had just finished speaking, Chen Xiang just watched the space ghost bee that died because of stabbing him with a needle, and its body exploded. At the moment of the explosion, more than ten blood-colored beads appeared. Scarlet giant bee. “Piggy Island Novel” novel chapters are updated the fastest “Damn it…” Seeing this scene, Chen Xiang marveled at the fecundity of the space ghost bees. His body turned into a scorching fire. “Little thing, don’t even think about growing up!” Chen Xiang took it out and made the God of Creation Furnace bigger. The mouth of the furnace faced the forebet more than a dozen space ghost bees that had just been born, and slapped a real madrid palm on the bottom of the furnace. The genesis flashscore god furnace suddenly spewed out a fountain of terrifying flames, covering the group of space ghost bees in front of them that were about to attack. sports betting made Slot Games what he didn’t expect was that the group of space ghost bees had the power to use space as soon as they were born, teleported behind him, and stabbed him with rumble’s highly poisonous tail needle, Sùdù was also very happy fast. Chen Xiang turned around and slashed with his sword, Jiu Xiao turned into several, the sword shadow covered the sky and covered the space ghost bees flying behind, splitting them into many bloody pieces. “Do you still want to reproduce?” Chen Xiang controlled the Creation God Furnace to spew out flames, killing the swarm of space ghost bees.

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