The following is the “” “Text” provided for you, please enjoy! The May Day holiday is a time for everyone to rest. Coconut is typing desperately! If you say ten updates, it will be ten updates, unambiguous! And it is quality and quantity! I have read every chapter carefully, the plot is not to mention wonderful, it is definitely ups and downs, unique. I just read the monthly ticket list of the new book, and if there is a leader in the future, it will be updated. In addition, it seems that many of the readers of our book don’t quite understand how to get a monthly pass. To put it simply, the monthly pass has a guaranteed monthly pass, which is only available to old readers of Msports; it is more expensive to reward a monthly pass, and only one rudder can give one as a gift; after the forebet, it is a subscription monthly pass. This is more cost-effective. If you subscribe for consumption in the current month, you can get one if you spend 1,500 starting coins for high-v, 2,500 starting coins for beginners, and 3,000 starting coins for senior members. If there is no guarantee, it will be more cost-effective to subscribe to the Slot Games monthly ticket Leap, after all, it is during May Day. If you have friends who have spare flashscore, you can subscribe to some books (such as Coconut’s last book “Headshot Wizard” is good) to collect a few monthly tickets, support them during the double period, and let them go further on the new book list away! Of course, if you don’t have extra ability, you can vote for a few more recommendation votes la liga. Coconut only hopes that everyone will support it within their ability. To be honest, after writing this single chapter, my eyes are already a bit blurred. My mind was so swollen that I didn’t know what to say, and my fingers trembled unconsciously. By the way, I said before that I have subscribed to sing in 2000 groups for the first time, and this coconut will do what it says. When the throat is better, I will immediately exchange the roulette. The number of words is almost up, so be it, I wish you all

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