This Ge Long turned out to be the star master of the stars, which surprised Chen Xiang and everyone present! Yue’er said: “Earth Dragon Star should be an earth-level star. He only has five bones, so he can become a star master, which means that he has a very strong talent. Otherwise, his strength is not enough to be the star master of an earth-level star.” Chen Xiang After hesitating for a while, he said, “Okay, I’ll take a gamble on Liverpool, I believe Brother Ge’s words!” Ge Long laughed loudly and said: “Endorphina, you really dare to bet! I don’t know what to call a little brother? Like you The person in question should be very famous!” “Pig Pig Island Novel” The chapters of the novel “Pig Pig Island Novel” are the fastest updated. But his hands froze suddenly, because he had heard of the name, and everyone present had heard of it too! “The one who is killing people, but you?” Ge Long took a deep rumble breath and asked Sportybet. “Exactly! Could it be that brother Ge is afraid of Wan Gu Mountain and dare not make deals with me?” Chen Xiang chuckled, he himself was not surprised. “I’m not afraid! Brother Chen is so courageous, he dared to confront Wan Gu Shan!” Ge Long handed his black box to Chen Xiang: “If you are chased and killed by Wan Gu Shan and have no place to run, just come here. My dragon star sits and sits! Although Wangu Mountain is a powerful force that dominates one, I am not afraid!” “I will definitely go if I have the chance!” Chen Xiang cupped his hands at Ge Long. The two Mozzart bets were facilitated by Chen Xiang. The others knew Chen Xiang’s identity at this time, and they felt a little uneasy. They didn’t have the confidence of Ge Long in real madrid. They were worried that they would exchange with Chen Xiang. Be hated by Wan Gushan. Chen Xiang stood up

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