Support the left and right keys of the keyboard (→) to turn pages up and down, and the middle mouse button to scroll the screen to select the font size: select the background color: Huang Jintian and his two brothers suddenly found that Chen Xiang’s strength has improved a lot, and they even felt that Chen Xiang was stronger than them. They and Chen Xiang have not been separated for a long time, Chen Xiang was taken away by the Black Stone God Venerable before, but now he has become so powerful after returning. “Betting, why don’t they seem to be fighting?” Chen Xiang asked, the Nine God Emperor and the Black Stone God Venerable were just standing on an open space, as if they were talking about something, their Endorphina didn’t dare to let their spirits get too close, worried was found. NetEnt “These guys are waiting for the Creation Artifact to come out. Now that the Creation Artifact has come out, BGaming has only one piece, so they are discussing who the sports betting belongs to la liga.” Huang Yantian laughed: “They have been discussing for a long time, I guess It’s useless, there will definitely be a fight in the end, we just wait here.” Chen Xiang frowned and said, “Where is the Creation Artifact, I can’t see it.” Although there is a distance between Nine God Emperor and him, but His eyes can see very far, and with a spirit approaching, he can see more clearly. He could see the Nine God Emperors and the Black Stone God Venerable, but he couldn’t see the Creation Artifact that was born out of this world. “Slot Games is in the underground among them. Originally, the Creation Artifact has already run out. It is a translucent black ball. Now it has returned to the ground Betway. The forebet has been jointly sealed by them. The Creation Artifact will run around. They were worried that the lake would run away, so they temporarily sealed it, and then unsealed it after discussing a result.” Huang Jintian said. Chen Xiang felt itchy in his heart, and asked: “What exactly is the Creation Artifact, is it a black ball?”

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