Work: 2206la liga Author: Save: Read: 99.95 (full text reading without pop-up window) Chen Xiang saw the god became vigilant, smiled slightly, and took out a high-grade bone pill. Can’t recognize what kind of magic pill this is. “Bone bone pill, and it’s from top-grade Leap!” The god said in surprise, his face became much more relaxed, he could see that Chen Xiang had no malicious intentions, and he didn’t know him either! “I’m Chen Xiang Msports. I strayed into this world, found this town, and heard about Xiongtai, so I came here. I just want to ask, what kind of world is this, and how can I get out?” Chen Xiang said very politely. “Hey…it’s a long story, Paripesa! You should be the alchemist of the Kingdom of God, right? I was originally an alchemist of the Kingdom of Heavenly Might, named Lu Shaoying! To this place, it was 70,000 years ago, and my master died when he was 20,000 years old. Although he is very strong, he still cannot escape death.” Lu Shaoying sighed, meeting a person from outside, this Makes him very happy. He has been here for many years, and he always feels that he is very lonely, because the people here are all mortals, even if he teaches them some cultivation knowledge, it is difficult to grow up. “It’s from the Mighty God Kingdom! I don’t know who is your master in the Premier League, the Champions League?” Chen Xiang asked, if live betting is really famous, then Xiao Yulan must know. Liverpool “Lu Tianwei!” Lu Shaoying’s expression showed a trace of affiliate sadness, and it could be seen that the relationship between their master and apprentice was very good. Chen Xiang hurriedly used the power generated by Lianxin Shendan to ask Xiao Yulan about Lu Tianwei. Judging from the name,

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