Select the background color: select the font size: Chen Xiang climbed up from the water, released hot air to dry his clothes, and said with a smile: “You two goblins, you get along so well! Do you miss me?” Su Meiyao giggled. “Who misses you, little villain? Slot Games” Chen Xiang pinched her face, and asked, “Where’s Qianqian? She’s making alchemy?” Lan and the others are together. (Baidu search gives you the fastest and most stable updates on Literary Network)” Hua BGaming Xiangyue lay charmingly on Chen Xiang’s left shoulder, and put her cheek against Shen la liga Xiang’s: “Little villain, our Online Casino We haven’t seen each other for so long, shouldn’t you do something?” Chen Xiang smiled charmingly: “You said that!” Then he looked at Su Meiyao, Su Meiyao met his possessive eyes, although her cheeks were red Yes, but not to be outdone: “Damn you, see how I deal with you.” Chen Xiang laughed loudly, carried Hua Xiangyue on his shoulders, then put his arms around Su Meiyao, and quickly walked into a room. Afterwards, Chen Xiang lay on the bed with a happy face, and Su Meiyao and Hua Xiangyue, the two charming beauties Betting, also lay on both sides of him, hugging his body. “Little scoundrel, what happened to the kingdom of God this time?” Su Meiyao pinched his waist and asked tenderly. Her heart had already been completely given to Chen Xiang, and she wished she could give all of herself to Chen Xiang earlier. I want to finally get my wish. “A lot of things happened! And I learned how to refine high-grade elixir, and I brought back a lot of elixir. Next, I will teach you the refining experience of high-grade elixir in Spinmatic.” Chen Xiang hugged two fragrant beauties Son, but his expression is very serious: “The kingdom of God is very serious now.

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