Dear book fans! Paitxt will bring you more unexpected shocking books that touch the soul, please pay attention to rest! “As expected of an elf prince, I can even see the blessings on my body…” Paripesa Marvin was secretly startled. When he advanced to Nightwalker, he did receive an extra blessing from the King of the Night. It’s just that even the old blacksmith didn’t notice this matter. But the Ibrahimovic in front of him revealed the fact that he has a special blessing at a glance. “You don’t have to doubt.” Ibrahimovic smiled. Nairabet smiled: “You and I have the blessings of the ancient elf gods, so I can over-perceive some things.” “Others, it is difficult for them to detect you You have a unique ability. You are a child with great potential.” Marvin frowned, and said bluntly: “If you still want my help, you can remove the word child.” “A man, no matter What age, pretending to be old is always annoying.” Ibrahimovic waved his hand indifferently: “Okay, okay. Then what will I call you?” “Marvin.” Marvin looked at the sky in Betway, faintly Said: “It’s not completely dark yet, and I can’t use my abilities yet.” “You night walkers are really troublesome.” Ibrahimovic frowned: “Many abilities can only be used after dark.” “In this For a while, I, Betking, hope that you can teach Liverpool me that move.” Marvin put forward his request directly, and he just looked at Ibrahimovic: “The move where you snatched the elf iron guard’s weapon.” Ibrahimovic clicks on the upper right corner of WeChat, chooses to add friends, and searches for the official account qdread to participate! each

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