Searching novels: Chen Xiang has a lot of medicinal materials for the Yin Yang Nine Ni God Pill, but now he is not in a hurry to refine it, but to refine the Sky Fire God Pill! Just like what Xiao Baifeng said, today’s Vulcan Pill is a popular product, and it is sold in many medicine shops! Although it is a high-grade divine pill that many alchemists know how to refine, it does not mean that this kind of divine pill is very cheap. The high-quality Skyfire Divine Pill is also relatively expensive. “The formulas of Tianhuoshen Pill should be sold with a clear price tag, and after so many years, they can’t control it, so it has been widely spread! But as far as I know, the one who can refine Tianhuoshen Pill to the extreme There are very few alchemists, and the pills sold by many elixir shops are of very average quality, and there are more low-quality ones.” Chen Xiang took out a jade box and opened it, inside was a grass that looked like a giant tooth , this grass is only as big as a Mozzartbet palm, slightly thick, and fiery red. “The quality of the blazing grass is very Bùcuò! All the top-grade magic medicines in this kind of place grow very Bùcuò.” Chen Xiang put the blazing grass on his cheek to feel the warmth inside, and then took out a small red leaf. The leaf came out of the jade box, and after coming into contact with the air of the outside world, it immediately burst into flames. “Divine Fire Leaf! The leaves on the Skyfire Tree, and the red tree roots next to the Premier League, should be the roots of the Skyfire Tree!” Chen Xiang picked up a piece of tree root, sniffed the Evolution game, and smelled a faint aroma. The Blazing Grass, Divine Fire Leaf and Sky Fire Tree Root are the main magic medicines for refining the Sky Fire God Pill. The main function of the Pragmatic Play Fire God Pill is to enhance the sports betting flame attribute of the mysterious power of God! Some people don’t have enough flame power

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