The Hell Devil Emperor had already left with his army. Not only did the Hell Devil Emperor sign a contract with Gu Dongchen and the others, but also the elders who commanded the army of demons also participated. This was to prevent the Hell Devil Emperor from cheating. Chen Xiang returned to Baihua Pavilion, went directly to the room to rest, and Lu Qilian and the others were not surprised that Chen Xiang could win three games, because the Shen Paripesa Xiang they were familiar with was like this. After this competition, BetWinner also made many people who thought they had some strength feel terrified, because the strength of the Kingdom of God is really terrifying, the people with six godheads are so powerful, and among them, if Chen Xiang is excluded, , no one can defeat Nie Lin and Dong Lijun! Even Gu Dongchen and the others have an overall concept of the strength of the Kingdom of God. The elite powerhouses of the Kingdom of God are so terrifying. If they are at the same level, it will be difficult for them to defeat! Therefore, the people who watched the battle were very heavy, especially the disciples of the big forces. If Chen Xiang was not present today, they would definitely lose! At this time, everyone had the same idea as Chen Xiang. If the affiliates of the Nine Heavens World betting world annexed the realm of the Great God, and the civil strife in the major kingdoms of the gods subsided, they would not be strong enough and could only be defeated by the kingdom of the gods. fish. Although Chen Xiang didn’t consume much, and he wasn’t very tired, but he felt mentally exhausted, it was a huge chelsa pressure! He actually beheaded Nie Lin and Dong Lijun in the Evolution Game, which means that the powerful forces from the Kingdom of God will take revenge on him in the near future. If he does not have enough strength to resist, not only the man city but also his life will be punished. Threats, even those around him. “I’m going to be strong

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