This place is very safe, Lu Qinlian doesn’t need to worry about the group of elves Nairabet, she led Chen Xiang along a small river and walked into a small village that looked very peaceful in Spinmatic. Chen Xiang looked around, thinking that he could see some beautiful women, but he heard that Lu Qilian took over the entire Goddess Palace, there should be many beauties gathered here. But now he was disappointed because he didn’t see a single figure. “Why is there no one?” Chen Xiang followed in Lu Qinlian’s footsteps and asked. “Maybe my sister knows that you are here in Betting, so tell them not to run around, and worry about being harmed by you.” Lu Qinlian giggled and said: “I’m just kidding, most of the sisters have gone out, and they are not the whole God stayed here.” “What are you going out for, so many people?” Chen Xiang walked for a while, but he didn’t even see a single person. “There are all kinds of training, it’s all arranged, and I might go to Parimatch for a while.” Lu Qinlian pointed to a small villa in front of Msports, and said: real madrid “Bingyan is inside.” Liverpool Chen Xiang At this moment, the women’s chatting and laughing like silver bells can be heard, only Shui Bingyan’s voice is more familiar. As soon as Lu Qinlian brought Chen Xiang close to the small villa, Shui Bingyan flew out of it. At this time, she was wearing a gorgeous red dress, and she looked very beautiful. Although Chen Xiang hadn’t seen her for a while, Seeing her, she has become stronger, but she is still the same as before, her beautiful eyes are full of innocence. “Brother Shen, Yue’er.” Shui Bingyan was very excited, Yue’er also flew into her arms, and she followed Feng Yujie back to the Nine Heavens World, because the time here is different from the one above, so she is here

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