“The pill Bet9ja recipe of Bone God Pill Leap was obtained by Chen Xiang from Danxin Pavilion. At that time, I was worried that he would cause trouble, so I asked him to hide it. The old guy in charge of Danxin Pavilion also knew about it. Then At that time, I greeted him and told him not to say anything, so there is no need to doubt that Chen Xiang possesses the formula of the bone spirit pill.” Luo Tianjun said with certainty: “It seems that he has found the bone spirit pill. The magic medicine of the magic elixir, and it can be refined.” Baihu said with a smile: “It’s a pity, we can’t go to the auction, I think it’s time for me to prepare to cultivate the bone, this thing improves the strength very obviously.” Luo Endorphina day Jun laughed and said: “Don’t worry about that, this guy forebets can refine six pills casually, and we can ask him to buy them at a friendly price.” It soared to three million Shenyuan stones, but a single piece can be sold at this price. Now it can be confirmed that Chen Xiang is the first live score in this game. The bidding is very fierce, and some of them are strong from the Kingdom of God, and it is difficult for them to buy bone god pills in the Kingdom of God. Now that they can meet here, they will naturally not let it go. They all believed in that Master Guo very much. Master Guo himself had eaten and confirmed the Premier League, so they believed that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. In the blink of an eye, seven million divine essence stones were reached. When Chen Xiang got the Bone Skeleton Alchemy before, he already knew that although it was a low-grade one, the price would exceed many middle-grade ones, and even top-grade ones, and now it was as expected. If it is a medium-grade bone spirit pill, then the price is more expensive. Chen Xiang felt that refining a batch of bone elixir, Champions League would be more regenerated than refining many furnaces.

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