An old man with a flashscore finally came to the Supreme Temple. Chen Xiang handed over the poker business to him, and then brought Xie Ao, Bai Hu and the others back to the shop. Along the way, they all walked very fast, because of what happened just now, they attracted a lot of attention, and they didn’t want to get this kind of attention. Entering the shop, Chen Xiang had just closed the door, and Xie Ao, who hadn’t spoken on the Slot Games all the way, finally spoke: “Senior, I didn’t expect you to come here!” Bai Hu smiled, and patted him on the shoulder: “Not bad , it seems that you came here very early, you should have left Paripesa very early to open the Nine Heavens World to go to the Realm of Gods, and then baccarat to find the entrance to this premier league!” Xie Ao has been here for a long time, and he The current strength is considered very strong, Chen Xiang guessed that under the Supreme God, Xie Ao’s power should be regarded as the top level, and he seemed to have broken through when he came back from the magical medicine treasure, otherwise he would not be able to Just kill a few gods from Ziyan Mountain. Xiao Qiu didn’t follow, he still stayed at that place and told the old man who came to deal with the matter. “Thank you senior, when I said goodbye to you that day, I thought you went to the Beast God Mountain to find Big Brother Qi!” Chen Xiang said, they had already reached the fifth floor. Xie Ao said: “I was going to go, but I can’t help Qi Shi at all now, so I just gave up. I came back to Parimatch early. After getting the guidance of the palace master, I was lucky enough to break through and have enough strength Kill those purple-clothed bandits.” “Hall Master?” Chen Xiang said in surprise. Xie Ao nodded at liverpool: “The lord of the hall has taken good care of me. Back then, I came to this realm of great gods because I met

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