Text Chiba no Mori. The forest at night is extraordinarily quiet. The moonlight shines on the treetops, and in the shadows below, no one knows what is hidden. However, this silence does not seem lonely. The whole forest is in a kind of peace. If Marvin was a druid, he would be able to obtain more information about this forest, and even the history witnessed by each tree. But as a ranger, the forest is also his favorite place. He could feel the tranquility of this place. There is a powerful force guarding this place. Just as before the fall of Anthony, the day and night of the sun watching the entire east coast, people will feel a special feeling of peace of mind. The aborigines in Qianye Forest will be blessed by the Great Elf King. Every tree, every squirrel, is like that. The forces of evil will never get their hands on this place. And those greedy risk takers dare not go too far. The Elven Iron Guard is watching the edge of the Chiba Forest closely. Any humans who break in will be kicked out of the Slot Games, or the Premier League players will be locked in a cage. The cage of the elves is difficult to escape. At the edge of the forest, two figures, one in front of the other, are advancing rapidly. Marvin was both depressed and excited. Sean must be too anxious, right? As soon as he escaped from the Eternal Night Paradise, the demiplane of the Night King, he immediately urged Marvin to enter the Qianye Forest. After a whole year of life as a blacksmith, Marvin would also be tired. That fatigue is not physical paripesa, but mental rumble tiredness. Now what supports him to move forward is only the tenacious will of the soul and the temptation to become a night walker. That’s right, before the affiliate set off, Sean already said

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