The upper gods of Ziyan Mountain are all very strong, relying on the little breath left by the Lightning God Lion, they can chase Chen Xiang to death. “This group of guys have some skills, don’t make trouble with him, get rid of them quickly, I’m worried that if I continue, I will be caught by them, they are all BGaming high-ranking gods.” Yue’er said. Chen Xiang nodded at BetWinner, and used the space domain to cover Little Lightning. In this way, he could completely hide the Spinmatic breath, and then he released a space door, allowing Little Lightning to rush in, away from the position he was in just now. After Chen Xiang used the power of space, those high-ranking gods who were chasing after him suddenly stopped, because they didn’t sense the remaining aura left by the little lightning, and they didn’t know how to chase them down. “Let’s go back and see them later. If these guys can’t catch me, they will definitely deal with Xie Ao.” When Chen Xiang ran away just now, he also sensed Xie Ao’s breath, and he also followed closely. Although he was hacked by Xie Ao once, Chen Xiang still had a good impression of him. If Xie Ao hadn’t sold the medicinal materials to him and Feng Yujie, they wouldn’t have refined the medicinal materials they needed so quickly. After all Those magic medicines are rarer than Paripesa. Xie Ao followed behind. Originally, he thought that those gods from the Purple Mist Mountain would stop Chen Xiang and then have a conflict with Chen Xiang. At that time, he would be able to sneak attack from the chaos. Who knows that the current situation is that Chen Xiang suddenly ran away, those high-ranking gods of Ziyan Mountain thought Xie Ao and Chen Xiang’s flashscore team, and Xie Ao was still behind, so they turned around and chased after Xie Ao . If you fight alone, Xie Ao is not afraid of any of them.

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