We are always working hard to improve user experience and speed up updates! If you think we stand well, casino Slot for your friends, for your convenience, please, Chen Xiang left this village very quickly, just as he left the rumble, Zhang Zhuo and the others came out of a forest and looked at him direction of disappearance. “You all heard it just now, the old woman has even better magic medicine! This year we are responsible for purchasing the magic medicine, but we haven’t received any good ones. If we continue, when we distribute the magic pill next time, there will definitely be no one. Our share!” Zhang Zhuo said viciously: “Let’s come early tomorrow, no matter what, we must betting to get a good magic medicine from that old woman!” Song Peng asked in a low voice: “Master, you are not afraid of being harassed!” Does the elder know? If Betway is discovered, he will be severely punished!” Zhang Zhuo said: “If you do it cleanly, you won’t be known. By the way, get rid of this guy named Chen Xiang 22Bet!” Xiang quickly returned to that small courtyard, which is also the tenth hall of Supreme Alchemy Hall. As soon as Chen Xiang came back, he shouted: “Hall master!” After Luo Tianjun heard this, he hurried out and asked with a frown: “Little devil, are you here?” What’s the big deal? Why are you shouting so loudly!” On the way, Chen Xiang used the spirit beads obtained by him and those women to duplicate a Soul Blood Flower, and after Mozzartbet, he could duplicate some more affiliates when he had time, and this one was Used for business. Chen Xiang took out the Ziyuan Shencao forebet, and when Luo Tianjun saw it, he smiled and said, “You’re lucky, you have such a harvest on the first day!” Chen Xiang took out the Soul Blood Flower again, and Luo Tianjun felt a little uncomfortable after seeing it. Believe it or not, he rubbed his eyes and exclaimed: “Spiritual Blood Flower!” Luo Tianjun Betting was very upset.

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