Seeing Chen Xiang coming out, Long Xueyi smiled and said to these big guys from the Temple of War Real Madrid: “Didn’t you just say you were looking for Bet9ja Chen Xiang? He is here!” Because the blizzard disappeared, these few Only big men can enter the depths. They saw traces of alien beasts being hunted, so they followed someone to find here, and then they met Long Xueyi. They asked Long Xueyi if she saw Chen Xiang , but Long Xueyi was talking nonsense with them. Chen Xiang smiled slightly at the moment, and asked: “You guys came all the way here to find me, what’s the matter?”. The Young Master Yuan that Chen Xiang killed before was the high-ranking Profound God Betking. Although he was usually a little arrogant, his strength was genuine, and he was killed by Chen Xiang several times! These big men also knew that Chen Xiang was terrible, but Han Deyuan told them that Chen Xiang had seriously injured his soul, and he would not recover in a few decades, and even if he was cured, he would have to recuperate for decades to recover, so they dared to come Look for Chen Xiang. But now seeing that Chen Xiang was so energetic and not afraid of them at all, their hearts sank immediately, because Chen Xiang didn’t look like he had been seriously injured in betting. “You killed Mr. Yuan from our God of War Temple, we are here to arrest you!” A big man mustered up his courage and shouted at Chen Xiang. Shen Yuanxiang smiled and said: “That’s right, I did kill that trash called Mr. Yuan, do you know why I killed him?”. Why was Mr. Yuan killed? This matter has long been spread throughout the parimatch temples. Because Mr. Yuan saw a female dragon, he wanted to take it as a mount, but this dragon was born with Chen Xiang, so Mr. Yuan was killed by Chen Xiang. Sword stem

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