We are always working hard to improve user experience and speed up updates! If you think we should stand up, for your friends to read for your convenience, please, the old man pointed to a chair, and after Chen Xiang sat down, the old man said: “I also know something about you, after all BettingMsports you Possessing the two taboo magical arts of the Godslaying Sword Art and the Heavenly Alchemy Technique, we have paid attention to you for a long time! The sword you used just now should be the seven demon-slaying moves that are somewhat similar to the Godslayer Sword Art. This is Execution of Demons has created a magic technique like Mozzartbet.” Chen Xiang nodded, the Supreme Temple is the stronghold of the Great God, Spinmatic knows this, Chen Xiang is not surprised at all. “As far as I know, you should have a lot of unresolved issues outside Parimatch, and after joining the Supreme Temple, you can’t leave the Supreme Temple, unless you can complete a challenge of the Supreme Temple in the future, and you can enter and exit the Supreme Temple at will. Temple.” The old man said again. Chen Xiang frowned and asked real madrid: “Is the challenge easy?” The old man smiled and said, “Let’s put it this way, at least I didn’t succeed in the challenge, even though I am an elder of this supreme temple.” Chen Xiang’s expression changed, and he asked again : “So, now I have to make a choice in the Slot Games, either join the Supreme Temple, or choose to give up!” The old man shook his head and said: “Didn’t you make a choice long ago?” Chen Xiang pouted and said: “I choose to participate I didn’t know during the trial, if I had known, I would not have joined the Supreme Temple.” The old man said with a chuckle: “Now it’s up to you, you have to join the Supreme Temple!” Chen Xiang was a little angry, he just wanted to challenge After this trial, FlashScore didn’t know that the Supreme Temple could not leave once it entered. “Don’t worry, I

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