The silent thief Feng Yujie thought she knew Chen Xiang very well, but now after seeing Chen Xiang’s Divine Sea World, she realized that she didn’t really understand Chen Xiang. (/Swallow “I want to see your Shenhai world.” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “But it seems that you won’t let me see it.” Feng Yujie smiled coquettishly: “You can see it if you want, but With your la liga’s current spirit, if you enter my Shenhai world, you will definitely be bullied by me.” The spirit is too weak, Liverpool, and entering the too strong Shenhai world is very dangerous, just like the last time Lu Qilian entered Nairabet and Shen Xiang Just like the world of Shenhai, as long as Chen Xiang has a thought, he can do whatever he wants. “Tell me quickly, tell me something important.” Feng Yujie urged, seeing that Chen Xiang didn’t answer immediately, a story Acting mysteriously, Feng Yujie pinched his face vigorously. “It’s about Little Nine Girls. The Mirror of Six Paths is here with me…” Chen Xiang just passed the Online Casino just now and was still thinking about how to tell Feng Yu Jie, so I need to tidy up. Now Feng Yujie pinched his face, which made him feel the pain, so he yelled out Betway. Feng Yujie stood up abruptly, and shouted: “Slot Games, what, what did you say?” But the truth.” Chen Xiang nodded: “I won’t lie to you, I wanted to tell you a long time ago, but you were watched by the supreme old devil, and I live betting worried that this matter would be leaked, so I didn’t say anything “Then how is she doing now, where is she?” Feng Yujie was very worried about Little Jiu girl, and asked about Little Jiu girl first, instead of asking about Liu Dao Shen Jing, which shows that her feelings for Little Jiu girl are very strong. Deep.” She was sent to the prison by the God of Punishment.

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